International Release on January 6th – Pre-Orders Begin in December

In a world of green on black, they dared to dream in color.

1985: An upstart team of Silicon Valley mavericks created a miracle: the Amiga computer. A machine made for creativity. For games, for art, for expression. Breaking from the mold set by IBM and Apple, this was something new. Something to change what people believed computers could do.

2016: The future they saw isn’t the one we live in now. Or is it?

From the creation of the world’s first multimedia digital art powerhouse, to a bankrupt shell sold and resold into obscurity, to a post-punk spark revitalized by determined fans. Viva Amiga is a look at a digital dream and the freaks, geeks and geniuses who brought it to life.

And the Amiga is still alive.

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Gearing Up for World Tour

Viva Amiga is going on the road! We’ll be kicking off the tour with our World Premiere at MAGFest on January 7, 2017, but the fun doesn’t stop there. We’ve [...]